Thursday, March 16, 2006

I am what I am!

I am sitting here in my office....very irritated because a program I left running last night is STILL running and that kinda upsets my "schedule" for today ( Well, the secret glee I feel at being able to waste some time and having a valid excuse for it, is of course, off the record). So I sit here trying to think of a way to kill time.... check mail.... done that, go on this online community website and leave a bunch of messages to equally jobless people......done that too and then I am sitting there staring at google's search page when I suddenly realise, thats all I do!! All day long , I check mail or I check my scrapbook. Oh don't get me wrong..... its not like I am overly popular and people send me mail or scrap me every 5 minutes....I just check...;) Well, so on this particular day, feeling a little more pretentious than usual I opened the blog and realised I hadn't posted in 3 months!!!! hmmmm.....why would that be now? Surely not because I had nothing to write about and surely not because I am lazy ( oh well, we'll let THAT one pass for now) just maybe I am looking for stuff to write that makes me look a little less foolish..:)

But I am foolish and I am proud of it ( That was surely not water! Note to self: Never trust a room full of americans with smirks on their faces when you asked for water) Oh well, with that water inspired declaration made, this blog shall hereby cease to be pretentious or pseudo intellectual.......... it shall just be what it is best at being.....:)(Stupid is really the word....if you let your imagination run to meaner territories...bring it back...NOW!!)